Five Things to Consider Regarding Assignment of Benefits (AOB)

You may have heard negative things about AOBs and risks associated with them. Sadly, some contractors abuse an AOB after a major storm like Hurricane Irma. The key is to use local contractors who have been in the area for many years and have an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The AOB is a tool that protects both the homeowner and the contractor. The homeowner is defenseless if an insurance company denies a claim. An AOB enables the contractor to help the homeowner challenge the claim’s denial. The contractor needs assurance that the costly preparation to defend the claim is not lost by the homeowner cashing the claim settlement check and leaving the contractor high and dry. The AOB ensures the contractor will be paid for services.

What tactics do some insurance companies use to avoid paying a claim?

  1. The first tactic is to delay responding to a claim. The insurance company may hope you will get impatient and repair the roof damage on our own, voiding any claims for a full roof replacement. The company may not set an appointment to meet with you or may set a date far in the future because it is “backed up.”
  2. The second tactic is to deny your claim. The insurance adjuster will report there may not be enough damage to pay out a claim. This often is not accurate. Alron Roofing has 12 years of experience fighting denied insurance claims and knows all the nuances of rules governing damage as it relates to Florida building code.
  3. The third tactic is to require the homeowner to get three bids. This technique is often used so the insurance company pays out the lowest amount. This forces you, the homeowner, to do the bidding work of a contractor. This leaves the homeowner responsible to find a reputable contractor (one who has workman’s comp certification, for example) and, most importantly, one who can provide the highest quality roof with the insurance payout based on the lowest bid. The homeowner just compromised getting a high-quality roof due to limited funds.
  4. The fourth tactic is to discredit any contractor who opposes the company’s position. When you challenge the insurance company with an expert who has proven you have damage this is covered, the company may try a new tactic – to discredit your contractor and create distrust and doubt in your mind. After all, you may have a relationship with your insurance company after paying for coverage for many years, compared to working with a newly hired contractor. The company may tell you an AOB is bad, knowing you have a contractor challenging your position.
  5. The fifth tactic is to defend their denial of your coverage. The insurance company may go to great lengths to defend their denial of your claim. They may not want to pay out money for damages – especially when a major storm creates widespread damage to thousands of homes in an area.

So what options do you, a homeowner, have when an insurance company denies your claim, delays payment, or fails to properly compensate you for storm damage loss?

Avoid lawyers and public adjusters for AOBs and insurance company challenges

A lawyer can take up to 40% of your settlement, leaving you without adequate funds for the best roof. As a homeowner, do you really want to get involved in what could be a long legal process? After all, lawyers aren’t experts in roofing and building codes and often hire experienced contractors as the experts to help build a case.

Choose Alron Roofing

We work in the storm damage world every day. There are many options available to meet building codes. Alron handles the entire process, making it painless for the homeowner.

The AOB is a great tool when combined with our expertise. Using Alron Roofing costs you nothing as a homeowner. By choosing Alron, you get a contractor who has a reputation using AOB contracts effectively to get your roof replaced for only the cost of your insurance deductible.

Start with a free roof inspection from Alron

A certified roofing contractor should inspect your roof to determine the true extent of damage. For example, if it looks like only a few roof tabs or shingles are missing due to wind, you might agree with the insurance adjuster there is not enough damage to replace the roof. But that might not be the case. It’s important to get a roof inspection to determine if the roof has suffered damage that can’t be seen from the ground.

When you consider the tactics some insurance companies may use and the high cost of legal action, the AOB is an excellent alternative. An AOB used by a reputable contractor like Alron Roofing ensures a painless process and the highest quality roof … for only the cost of your deductible.

In all cases, trust is the real issue. Trusting that your insurance company is being completely open and transparent may be a risk. Trusting Alron – local to the area with thousands of satisfied customers – is risk free.

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