How an AOB Can Help When Your Insurance Claim Is Denied

What do you, the homeowner, do when your insurance company decides you don’t qualify for a new roof and denies your claim? No matter what the reason is for being denied by your insurance company, the process is the same to fight the claim denial. Legal preparation can be costly and a case can be lengthy to defend. That’s why having an AOB is so important.

The process begins with an Assignment of Benefits (AOB)

When you sign an AOB with Alron Construction, we will challenge the insurance company’s denial of your claim. Alron will spend a great deal of time documenting and preparing for the case. To recoup all the costs associated with this defense preparation, Alron must have all rights assigned to us via the AOB to receive the settlement for your new roof … built to code without compromising quality.

Preparing for the case

First, a representative from Alron Construction will meet with the insurance adjuster on your roof to discuss and document all the damage that warrants a claim to be paid in full. Often, the adjuster will approve the claim after this meeting, knowing the homeowner has a professional roofing contractor who thoroughly understands the extent of the damages and what should be covered.

An Alron trained professional will take upwards of 100 photos on the roof, with the extent of damage highlighted in chalk. Photos are used by Alron to defend the case with the insurance company during a deposition, if your case goes that far. Many insurance companies may dispute the findings of a written damage report, and the photos are the best evidence to defend and try to win the case.

Measurements and documentation

Along with all the photos, hand measurements of the roof are taken to ensure there are no errors that the insurance company may use to dispute the claim. Eagle View® satellite imaging is also used to provide the accurate size of the structure that needs to be reroofed.

Documentation of storm information – such as date and time, wind velocities in the area, size of hail, extensiveness of damages, and any information related to the storm – is also provided to the insurance company. Any paperwork that was given to the homeowner to document damages, as well as a record of the number of trips made to the area to determine the extent of storm damage to the entire structure, is also prepared and reviewed.

Day of the deposition

If your case is not settled after the meeting with the insurance adjuster, it will proceed to the deposition stage. A deposition is a witness’s out-of-court sworn testimony. It is used to gather information as part of the discovery process and, in limited circumstances, may be used at trial. The witness being deposed is called the deponent.

The day of the deposition is about reversing the denial of coverage. The insurance company lawyers may try to challenge Alron’s credibility and integrity, or try to discredit us. That’s why we spend a great deal of time and effort preparing to present the facts of your claim to win the reversal.

An AOB provides Alron the mechanism to pursue the claim

Alron Construction has 12 years of experience fighting insurance companies who have refused to pay homeowner claims related to storm damage. We have built and won cases for denial of hail, wind, and hurricane damage. At no cost to the homeowner, we work with one of Florida’s best attorneys to defend a homeowner’s denied claim against the insurance company lawyers, who are defending the position to not pay the claim.

We have a 100% success record in reversing denied claims for new roofs because our office staff spends countless hours preparing to win. This is possible when we have an AOB from the homeowner, who doesn’t have to worry about getting a claim paid in full. Alron uses all the funds paid by the insurance company to install a new roof at no cost to the homeowner, who only has to pay the insurance policy deductible.

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