Documenting Storm Damage

If you have or think you have storm damage to your roof, the proper filing of a roof replacement insurance claim is imperative to getting it approved by your homeowner's insurance. There are very specific things that need to be included in a roof replacement insurance claim for it to be accepted.

Step 1 - Document the damage
An Alron trained professional will mark the roof with chalk to outline the extent of the damage. It is key to act quickly after a storm to avoid losing your claim due to a statute of limitations. Documenting to the specific storm also is important. If a hurricane happens after hail damage, the insurance company will go with the hurricane damage because of the higher deductible. That means more money out of your pocket.

Step 2 - Use a storm damage checklist
Our roof replacement specialist knows the differences between the various types of damage, such as creases caused by high winds versus marks to the protective barrier on the shingle caused by hail. When the time comes, we will meet with the insurance adjuster on the roof, pointing out the damage we found. Often, we can get the roof replacement approved on the spot.

We inspect not only your roof, but also inspect for collateral damage to screens, windows, and the home's interior caused by the storm. As a licensed general contractor, we can repair all damage – not just the roof.

Step 3 - Take pictures as proof
Alron takes the time to mark the damaged areas of the roof and to take pictures for evidence. Insurance companies deny some claims, and photos help to accurately document damage at the time. Without photos, documentation and a signed AOB to pursue insurance funds, many homeowners are at a loss against a claim denial.

Once you have completed all the appropriate steps, file your claim promptly and properly with your insurance company. Your claim can be filed 24/7. We cannot do this for you or even guide you, at this initial filing.

Your claim should cover the entire cost of a full roof replacement and any other damages caused by the storm, minus your deductible. With Alron, you are only responsible for the deductible.