Frequently Asked Questions

If your roof is 10-22 years old, it should be inspected, whether you see problems or not. If your roof shows any signs of damage, then you need this inspection regardless of roof age.

It's best to have a specially-trained expert look at your roof. Alron specializes in storm claims and the discovery of wind damage. We detect important signs most roofers overlook.

DON'T REPAIR YET! Get our expert second opinion and options. If you have already repaired, we still may be able to help you obtain a full roof replacement. The key is getting our no-cost inspection.

If we inspect your roof and find it's okay, we can provide you with a damage-free inspection certificate.

No. Call Alron first to inspect and we will advise you whether the adjuster should be called.

Yes, it should. In addition, the advanced age of your roof often aids us in obtaining a full replacement for you.

It's possible, if we don't lose our ability to investigate. Act before weathering clues are lost.

Yes, wind can cause unnoticed damage and reduce the service life of your shingle roof.

No, because wind claims are considered "Acts of God." They do not result in cancellations.

No, insurance companies do not raise rates due to "Act of God" claims on an individual basis. However, they sometimes raise rates in an entire region with heavy claims.

New roofs have less risk to the insurance company; therefore, premiums are lower.

If your roof qualifies as wind-damaged, you can have a new roof for only the cost of your Copay/Deductible (typically just 2% of the policy's value). The remainder is covered by the insurer, just like health insurance.

If our inspection reveals your roof has damage, you still have time to claim.