Free Roof Inspections

A roof inspection by an Alron trained professional will result in a complete report on the condition of your roof, including pictures of any damage. Our professional will identify any areas recommended for repair. If there is evidence of extensive storm damage, Alron will review the photos of damage with you and discuss your options.

The older the roof, the more likely it will have extensive damage after a strong storm or hurricane. Older roof shingles become brittle with age and are considered non-repairable, which usually qualifies you for a full roof replacement covered by insurance.

Roof inspectionObvious damage due to hurricane-force winds is typically easily visible. However, damage from strong thunderstorms may be extensive but less visible from the ground. Hail damage is very hard to see from the ground. In fact, while you may see a few missing shingles, you may not see the more extensive damage that causes creases in the tabs. When that happens, the tabs do not reseat themselves, but stay in a lifted position.

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Key Signs That Your Roof May Have Damage

Hail Damage
Hail damage will compromise the integrity of the roof. Hail can chip away the protective embedded stone on the asphalt shingle. If the shingles aren't repaired, they will deteriorate and the underlayment can be exposed to sun and water.

Wind Damage
Wind damage is identified when the shingle does not lie down and reseal after a strong wind has lifted the tab. The older the shingle is, the less pliable the tab, and the greater the chance for crease and/or lift.