Alron Will Meet With Your Insurance Adjuster

The insurance claim is arguably the most important part of the damage restoration process. Aside from the deductible, provided you are properly insured and your claim is handled accordingly, you should NEVER be out of pocket for any of the necessary repairs. Your decision as a property owner is to select the quality contractor of YOUR choice and leave the financial responsibilities to the insurance company.

But how do you know if your insurance settlement is fair?
Not sure what all the words on the insurance paperwork mean?
How do you know your insurance adjuster has done a fair analysis?

A good contractor can help you understand the insurance process and answer any questions you may have about your roof damages. In addition, they will examine your insurance estimate to ensure that all of the damages have been identified. If there are any discrepancies that need to be addressed with the insurance company, then having a knowledgeable and experienced contractor working on your roof project.

By having an Alron professional on the roof with the adjuster at the time of the adjuster's inspection, all damage can be documented and questions answered.