Wind Mitigation Insurance Savings

Wind mitigation can save you money on homeowners insurance

Having homeowners insurance is one of the most important requirements to protect your home and ensure it is restored after storm damage. While this insurance can be costly, you can save money on premiums with wind mitigation.

Wind mitigation is building or repairing a roof to meet current Florida code so that it withstands the extreme winds of strong storms and hurricanes. Roofs that pass wind mitigation tests often suffer little damage from storms. Homeowners whose roofs have wind mitigation enjoy lower premiums than homes without wind mitigation because the roof's strength is documented.

Roughly half of your insurance premium is allocated in the policy toward coverage for the repair or replacement of the roof, which is one of the most expensive components of a house. For example, if your annual policy premium is $1,200, about $600 dollars of that is allocated toward coverage for damage caused by natural disasters, such as storms or hurricanes.

A new roof with a wind mitigation report documenting the roof's strength and that all requirements of Florida code have been met can save you up to 90% of the premium portion allocated toward storm damage. For a $1,200 annual premium, this would equal a savings of about $540, year after year.

Providing wind mitigation reports is something that makes Alron different from a roofing company.

We are a licensed contractor. We provide start-to-finish oversight on every job. Our crew supervisors are on-site, taking pictures of storm damage, supervising workers during repairs, and coordinating the quality and integrity of the entire job to ensure it meets the standards of wind mitigation, Florida code, and Alron.

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