Working With HOA Boards

Homeowner association (HOA) board members and the homeowners within those associations are accustomed to dealing with insurance claims related to storm damages - often without a good resolution. In many cases, homeowners have been stuck to work through on their own the complexities of denials by insurance companies for various reasons.

Alron helps HOAs and homeowners navigate the complexities of property damage and claims:

  • Learn how to bring your community up to code after storm damage, saving each homeowner on average $800 per year on insurance premiums.
  • Leveraging the AOB (Assignment of Benefits) to save you time and money.

Storm site analysis will include the following:

  • Provide detailed storm damage evaluation on the exterior, including roof system, screened rooms, gutters, garage doors, and interior damage, if present and requested.
  • Factual storm statistics, such as hail size, sustained and peak wind speeds, and center of the storm.
  • Photos documenting any and all storm-related damage.
  • Preparation of all storm site analysis and documents to ensure fast claim processing.